Welcome to the Summer Show 2023

The London School of Architecture (LSA) empowers its students to explore the kind of design practitioner they want to be. Research and design development are both observational, and propositional. As the future generation of architects, our students focus on these three key questions:

What change do you want to see in the world?

What does your architecture contribute to that change?

Who do you want to be as a designer?

Welcome to the Summer Show 2023

Graduating Cohort 2023

London is our home.

This year’s exhibition by the 2023 graduating cohort is called “Close to Home”, describing each student’s independent journey to materialise a project of deep, personal interest and bring it to architectural life.

All our projects are curated into one of seven themes that describe the attributes that we want for our city.

London is our site.

We embrace the ever-changing nature of the city and how we inhabit it. We consider all the layers of the city, its systems, networks, policies and politics, history and memory. We design spatial solutions for how to address moments in the city where these layers collide, do not or cannot connect. We try to understand, through current practice, where the city is going.

We develop design briefs that aim to address current design, social, political and environmental issues and propose uplifting spatial futures. These are developed into comprehensive architectural theses and design proposals, expressing alternative visions for architecture and professional practice. Our approach is rooted in the impact and presence architecture has on the city, and its people.

Thank you

The LSA would like to thank the following students for their hard work and outstanding commitment to the exhibition:

Summer Show 2023 team: Declan Wain, Dylan Hopwood, Isobel Parnell, Jerry Florez, Judit Korpai, Semi Han, Shreenidhi Srinath, Stephen Johnson, Zuzanna Grodzka

With help from: Adam Connolly, Beth Allen, Bryony Johnson, Cameron McKay, Charles
Isham, Charlotte Harvey, Clara Calladine, Dev Navekar, Eleanor Harding, Elliott Wang, Emily Brown, Eugene Sinclair, Eve Nixon, George Kelly, Giorgia Maccini-Hill, Harriet Orr, Imogen Phillips, Irgel Enkhsaikhan, James Anderson, James Mearns, Karla Bonner, Lucy Beech, Mair Louise Evans, Moia McErlean

The LSA would like to thank the following organisations and individuals for their generous support of the exhibition:

Grimshaw Architects
Zac Munro Architects
Five Points Brewery

The LSA and 2023 Cohort would like to thank our design tutors: Tumpa Fellows, Jack Penford Baker, Kit Stiby-Harris, Fabrizio Matillana, Maurizio Mucciola Eddie Blake, Maria-Chiara Poccinelli, Vseva Kondratiev-Popov, Esther Escribano, Matt Whittaker, Akari Takebayashi, Mathew Lyall

Close to Home branding by Jerry Florez. Featured drawing by Isobell Parnell. 

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