Holistic Rehabilitation

Timothy Howitt

Project description

Holistic Rehabilitation project explores how London’s high streets can be transformed into integrated networks of support to promote the rehabilitation of the city’s physical infrastructure and its communities. 

The high street is a vital component of any community, serving as a hub for social, economic, and cultural activity. This project explores the potential to utilise the ecosystem of the high street to respond to local health issues by incorporating rehabilitation programs for individuals recovering from drug addiction. 

It proposes a holistic and community-centred approach to addiction recovery, which addresses the physical, emotional, and social needs of individuals in recovery. The proposal itself focuses on the concept of architecture as medicine, creating a healing environment that actively contributes to the recovery process by providing its users with the support, opportunities, and sense of belonging they need to successfully rebuild their lives.

Site location

Timothy Howitt


Timothy Howitt

Ground Floor Plan

Timothy Howitt


Tim is a passionate advocate for sustainable and morally responsible architecture. His deep curiosity about the relationship between buildings and the wider urban fabric fuels his drive to analyse and create harmonious ecosystems. 

With 2 years of experience working at Murphy Philipps Architects, a healthcare-specialist practice, Tim has gained invaluable insight and skills in designing accessible and healthy environments. He believes that architecture can positively impact people’s lives by promoting wellbeing and inclusivity. This has led him to explore innovative solutions that blend architectural design with social and environmental consciousness.