The London Centre for Logistics

Theodore James

Project description

The core of this thesis looks at integrating industry and passenger transit in the heart of London. 

The London Centre for Logistics explores the architectural outcomes of a streamlined supply chain – one that uses off peak services and adapted passenger trains to bring goods into the centre of the city. Goods are then transported from station to end user via more sustainable means of delivery: electric vehicles, bicycle and by hand.

The thesis proposes relocating Fenchurch street station to Tower Gateway to increase the passenger capacity of the station from 4 to 6 platforms. This creates a new opportunity for a mixed-modal train station that transmits passengers and goods into the centre of the city. 

The viaduct into the Fenchurch Street Station will be converted into a new highline – to provide a pedestrian and cycle route and a new gateway into London for commuters, tourists and goods.

Site location
City of London

Theodore James

Cutaway axonometric

Theodore James

Tower Gateway Highline Entrance

Theodore James

North Entrance

Theo graduated from the University of Greenwich and has worked at Hopkins Architects Ltd since 2019 to present. He has extensive experience on interior fit-out work on a range of projects including a new landmark Hotel in Central London and a state of the art Hospital in the US, as well as smaller projects.

His goal is to improve his technical and construction knowledge in order practice – efficient and pragmatic solutions to construction, design and infrastructure projects.