Teresa Warner

Project description

JEKHIPE is a proposal for an alternative approach to social housing that challenges the ‘one size fits all’ model. The project takes inspiration from the Roma, some of the most deprived and vulnerable individuals in London, who are often the most harmed by the current housing system. 

This thesis seeks to show how designing for a dynamic group like the Roma can provide a rich case study for how a communal, cultural, and sustainable life can be lived in any setting. 

The form of the Jekhipe estate takes inspiration from traditional Roma settlements, where life is centralised around nature and community. Small-scale domestic units are placed on a site with up to six other families, all focusing on a central green area with an outdoor cooking area. Individuals express their own culture through elaborate hand-crafted façade design that dates back to the initial time of settlement in Europe.

Teresa Warner

Estate Masterplan

Teresa Warner

External View of Jekhipe Development 2

Teresa Warner

Internal View of a Painter’s Room

Teresa is a Part 2 Architectural Assistant currently working at John McAslan and Partners, with a particular interest in the social impact that architecture can hold. Before working at JMP she was working at Clive Sall Architecture where she saw a range of projects through to completion in collaboration with the sister company, Built, which undertook turnkey projects under CSA. While working as JMP, Teresa has had a hands-on approach to designing diverse projects, from stadiums, and cultural buildings, to large residential developments.

At the LSA she has formed an interest in city planning and sustainable design, two things that will be integral in the coming years of architectural design.