The Family Tree

Taylor Gittens

Project description

The Family Tree aims to address social cohesion and community well-being through integrating mixed-use zoning, thoughtful spatial configurations, and strategically positioned communal spaces. Recognising the importance of both macro-scale urban planning and micro-scale community interactions, the scheme seeks to create a cohesive built environment that promotes diverse social interactions, a sense of belonging, and collective identity.

The design is inspired by “streets in the sky,” and it transforms deck access housing into dynamic social spaces that encourage chance encounters and community engagement. It emphasises the significance of the “transition zone,” where private and public spaces blend seamlessly, and the distribution of community amenities promote social interaction.

The project’s holistic design approach aims to transform the concept of home in the context of the housing crisis. It provides residents with hope and practical solutions by addressing social isolation, promoting social interactions, and cultivating a sense of belonging.

Taylor Gittens

Aerial View

Taylor Gittens

Exploded Axonometric

Taylor Gittens

The Street – Plan

Taylor Gittens

The Street – View

Taylor Gittens

Raised Landscape

Taylor graduated from the University of Plymouth with a first-class honours degree. Throughout his undergraduate studies, much of their research was centred around phenomenology, with a focus on understanding how spaces impact the experiences had within them and how this understanding can be harnessed for the benefit of society.

During this time, he crafted a manifesto aimed at integrating humanistic treatment into hospital designs, moving away from the impersonal “modern machine” approach and instead utilising the power of design to create a healing community that acknowledges the individuality of each patient. This exploration of designing for well-being and care has continued to be a driving force in Taylor’s journey at the LSA.