Gaining by Sharing

Stephen Johnson

Project description

Community Land Trusts (CLT) are a co-housing model that aim to create permanently affordable housing. They provide a method and mechanism to build a housing stock that supports a larger proportion of the population to occupy their own home, remain affordable and offer longevity to a sense of place. The UK has adopted the CLT model in isolated conditions but there remains a lack of political and financial support to role out this democratic housing strategy more widely.

Gaining by Sharing explores a ‘coalescence of parts’ methodology for the housing redevelopment of Camley Street. It creates a hybrid model of a CLT that facilitates the connection of living with industrial typologies to form a new method of expanding our urban live/work infrastructure. The thesis proposes a modular self-build approach integrated with community engagement throughout.

Stephen Johnson

Proposed exterior

Stephen Johnson

Housing perspective view

Stephen Johnson

Industry perspective view

Stephen Johnson

Proposed structure

Stephen uses a multidisciplinary approach to his design work, coming from a graphic design background before shifting to architecture; drawing inspiration from experimental graphic exploration, combined with more traditional analogue media. United by a strong passion for creating a more responsive process for problem-solving. Able to be utilised on a wide variety of projects and scales to achieve a more sustainable and inclusive outcome.

Away from architecture, Stephen explores his creativity through different outlets including a passion for cooking and photography.


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