Decentralised Behaviour

Shreenidhi Srinath

Project description

We need a change in the way we live: to prioritise our health, family, friends and activities that make us happy. The reduction of fuel stress in neighbourhoods would act as a tool to bring people together by empowering the community and giving them control over their consumption and creation of energy. 

This thesis targets a decaying neighbourhood in Tower Hamlets which generates hydrogen on site through the anaerobic respiration of micro-algae. It proposes a series of interventions to the existing structures and the re-landscaping of the site, to support the growth and processing of algae, hydrogen gas collection and fuel cells. The retrofitting scheme aims to redefine our relationship with energy, the environment and each other by adapting the physical fabric and social arrangement of our homes, thus adopting this new ‘decentralised behaviour’.

Site location
Tower Hamlets

Shreenidhi Srinath


Shreenidhi Srinath

Sitting by the Algae Raceway

Shreenidhi Srinath

Typical Floor of Retrofitted Block

Shreenidhi Srinath

Living the Algae Life

Shreenidhi Srinath

Winter Garden Gazing

Passionate about architecture that transcends boundaries, Shreenidhi has an unwavering enthusiasm for pushing the limits of design. Throughout her academic journey, she has delved deep into exploring innovative approaches that challenge conventional norms.

Driven by the profound belief that our built environment has the power to actively shape the way we live, she aims to resourcefully use Earth’s precious assets while fostering a harmonious society.

In the future, she aspires to be part of a visionary team that disrupts the current architectural landscape, revolutionising the way we conduct projects. Deeply committed to involving clients and users in the design process, she wants to ensure that their needs are at the forefront of every project.