Living Heritage

Semi Han

Project description

Legislations in conservation, preservation and heritage favour a Western approach concentrating on the tangible fabric of buildings. However the invaluable asset of intangible cultural heritage must be recognised, especially where an active community continues to occupy a heritage site.

Living Heritage aims to prioritise the intangible cultural heritage of active communities within conservation management, challenging the current value-driven approach. 

The site is a Grade II*-listed Anglican church and its adjoining churchyard – a prototype for a site of living heritage. Significance to the congregation’s intangible cultural heritage becomes a new criteria for heritage renovation and development, rooting them to the site’s future for generations to come. 

Continuity of this living heritage site is the key measure of success, actively developing cultural expressions hosted on site and by its architecture.

Site location

Semi Han

Proposed site axonometric

Semi Han

Ground floor plan

Semi Han

Elevations through history

Semi Han

East-west perspective section

Semi Han

Columbarium corridor within new church footprint, north aisle