Canal Placemaking

Marta de la Morena Papiani

Project description

By strategically selecting two abandoned sites along the Regents Canal, this architectural intervention seeks to revitalise the present dilapidated canal, addressing the current challenges faced by its users through the activation of these difficult spaces.

The transformative mixed programme will unlock its full potential. The scheme comprise a bath house, food market, a pavilion comprising workshops, urban farming and gallery space, in collaboration with the adjacent and existing photography studios.

The proposal presents an opportunity to reshape the canal, transforming it into a vibrant and sustainable hub that resolves conflicting social issues while nurturing a strong sense of place and belonging. The eclectic mix of spaces would provide social spaces and civic uses that encourage community engagement, enhancing the overall wellbeing of both the canal and its surrounding neighbourhoods. 

Site location
Regents Canal

Marta de la Morena Papiani

Canal Site Plan

Marta de la Morena Papiani

Site 1 Ground Floor Plan

Marta de la Morena Papiani

Site 2 Ground Floor Plan

Marta de la Morena Papiani

Bath House

Marta de la Morena Papiani

Roof of the Bath House

Marta is dedicated to crafting spaces that prioritise the needs and experiences of the people who inhabit them. She believes that exceptional design lies in the smallest details, with meticulous attention to every aspect, she enjoys creating spaces that are thoughtfully curated and harmonious. 

Sustainability is a fundamental aspect of her design approach, and she strives to use materials that not only enhance the aesthetics but also contribute to the overall well-being of the users and the environment. By focusing on the finer elements, Marta aims to create immersive and enriching spaces that bring joy and inspiration to those who interact with them.