The Barking Food Innovation

Mair Evans

Project description

How can architecture reconnect people to preparing and eating food; restoring appreciation and knowledge, to prepare us for the future? How can we utilise the opportunities the birth of a new community brings, to educate and strengthen our future?

9.5 million tonnes of food are wasted every year (70% of which is household waste), due to it expiring before consumption, people cooking too much and personal preference and ignorance of the processes and time required for food production.

Replacing the final residential phase of a work-in-progress masterplan on Barking Riverside, this proposal invites visitors to engage in the holistic process of growing, preparing, fermenting and consuming fresh food as a way to encourage a more sustainable relationship with our food supply chain. The rammed-earth building is placed firmly into a hillside presenting an architectural response that is simultaneously loose and controlled in its design – as inherently and integrally organic as the functions it accommodates. 

Site location

Mair Evans

Ground floor plan

Mair Evans

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Mair Evans


Mair Evans

A moment to reflect

Mair grew up in rural North Wales but studied her undergraduate degree at Oxford Brookes University, where she developed a keen interest in natural atmospheres, especially the influences and impacts they can have on people – particularly within urban architecture.

Since studying at the LSA, she has explored how we can closely connect our projects to the planet, creating a more effective strategy for reducing impact on the climate crisis. This is a keen interest of hers moving forward and she is excited to see how this manifests within urban centres.