A Theatre for Life

Karol Grzeskowiak

Project description

What strategies can be implemented to ensure equitable architecture in the face of changing economic conditions, and how can we simultaneously preserve cultural identity within cities?

Located within the premises of Truman Brewery, A Theatre for Life proposes an adaptive reuse of an isolated, purpose-built brewery building, transforming it into a cultural hub of Brick Lane. The thesis considers the dynamic and inclusive nature of this area of London and its community, and proposes a building divided into five units, each serving a different purpose: an Urban Living Room, Makerspaces, an Exhibition Space, a dedicated Market, and a Curry House. 

The units are designed to function both independently and as a combined event space, depending on the time of day or specific occasion, much like the diverse atmosphere of Brick Lane during different times and events – from bustling Sunday markets, Bengali festivals, wild Friday nights, and quiet Tuesday afternoons.

Site location

Karol earned his BA in Architecture from the University of Kent. Following his graduation in 2019, he joined Squire and Partners, where he gained invaluable professional experience working on major residential and hospitality projects in the centre of London. His involvement encompassed all aspects of design and coordination.

Subsequently, Karol pursued postgraduate studies at the London School of Architecture. During his first and second years, he effectively managed his academic responsibilities while continuing to work part-time at Squire and Partners. Karol’s architectural pursuits primarily focus on bringing a new perspective to the unique heritage of each site.