Enchantment: Spaces of Spritual Resonance

Jerry Florez Vásquez

Project description

This thesis introduces an approach to architectural design which challenges traces of modernist philosophy and its understanding of function, which remains deeply rooted in contemporary practice. It questions the relationship between form and programme, and the emotional experience – or spiritual resonance – of built forms and how the architectural process can facilitate resonance through non-specificity of programme.

Located in Brixton, a new School for Arts and Culture is nestled between two railway viaducts, the proposal serves as a testbed for such a design process, with the ultimate aim to evoke enchantment and a sense of identity. 

By considering both the immediate context and universal human experiences, this project challenges conventional practices to create relatable and emotionally impactful architecture. It also reflects on the profession’s reliance on architectural language, and its use as a tool to facilitate more effective community and client engagement.

Site location

Jerry Florez Vásquez

Verb forms

Jerry Florez Vásquez

Ground floor plan

Jerry Florez Vásquez

Principles and Layers of Space

Jerry Florez Vásquez

Entrance to the Solitude garden

Jerry Florez Vásquez


Jerry is a multidisciplinary designer with a background in photography, sculpture, and experience in graphic design, whose work is driven by a genuine curiosity and a desire to explore the transformative potential of spaces. Inspired by the inherent beauty found in everyday life and its imperfections, as seen by his winning entry to the LFA’s City Benches competition and his photography and writing, he strives to capture the essence of the human experience through his work, aiming to uncover the shared connections that unite us all. 

With a deep commitment to explore the sense of belonging in the world, he aims to curate spaces that facilitate conditions for creativity, fostering connections and evoking a deep sense of purpose.

Through his creative and analytical approach, he aspires to contribute to the creation of a more meaningful and enriching built environment.  By embracing the unique narratives and aspirations of each community, his work ambitiously hopes to contribute to the creation of a vibrant and transformative built environment that nourishes the human spirit.