The Holloway Complex Waste Centre

James Anderson

Project description

The Holloway Complex Waste Centre serves as a platform and operational headquarters for the management of household complex waste derived from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) in North London. 

As the UK ranks second globally for E-waste generation, averaging 25kg per resident annually, there is a pressing need to address the resulting environmental, social, and economic impact. Currently, valuable raw materials in E-waste worth $62.5B are offloaded to the global South each year, exacerbating the challenges faced by vulnerable communities.

The project focuses on organising a site to provide local facilities for processing complex waste and bring an architectural expression to this emerging typology. Located on the former site of HM Holloway Prison, the proposed waste centre invites individuals of all backgrounds, including both laypeople and skilled professionals, to effectively manage complex E-waste at a local level throughout its entire lifecycle. 

Site location

James Anderson
James Anderson
James Anderson

James was born in Hong Kong and grew up in London. During undergraduate study at the University of Bath, he worked at small practices in both London and rural Wiltshire. Since graduation, James has been employed at Jestico + Whiles where he has continued to work during his LSA placement.

James has a keen interest in construction that has a low impact on its environment whilst positively benefitting its community by providing meaningful experiences. He has been a certified UK Passivhaus consultant since 2019.