Blurring Boundaries

Irgel Enkhsaikhan

Project description

How can the blurring of urban manufacturing and retail spaces promote more sustainable modes of usage and consumption?

Urban manufacturing is an important ingredient in creating a genuinely mixed, vibrant, and sustainable city. Without it, cities become dependent on distant sources, fuelling carbon-intensive and ethically complex supply chains. 

This project aims to place manufacturing back into the city – into the heart of Brick Lane – by blending it with retail, establishing a connection that enhances transparency and consumer awareness of the energy, resources and labour involved in our everyday consumables.

Colour abstraction and painting is used as a design tool to explore the spatial relationships between traditionally separate activities and their use classes – living and working. Focusing on garment manufacture, the project breaks down these boundaries, using colours as a means for activities to bleed and overlap.

Site location
Brick Lane

Irgel Enkhsaikhan
Irgel Enkhsaikhan
Irgel Enkhsaikhan

Irgel is a designer. Now graduating from the LSA in 2023, he previously studied at the University of Westminster in 2019, where he was nominated for the RIBA Bronze Medal.

Irgel has experience working in Hong Kong and Ulaanbaatar in his previous position as a research assistant at Hong Kong University’s Rural Urban Framework. Since 2021, he has been working at Assemble, where he has worked on a series of projects across different scales and stages. Including private dwellings in both rural and urban contexts, an industrial neighbourhood masterplan in Austarlia, Assemble’s Sugarhouse 3, and multiple art installation projects.