Waste Not Want Not

Imogen Phillips

Project description

Waste Not Want Not challenges the linear materials economy seen in the construction industry today where materials are extracted, manufactured and eventually discarded. It asserts that it really is possible for existing buildings to be carefully deconstructed and salvaged, their components reused in for future construction. The project name expands upon the phrase “willful waste makes woeful want”, appealing for a more informed approach to use of resources.

The architectural proposal is for a publicly accessible architectural reclamation centre on an existing CEMEX aggregate site, south of the Greenwich peninsula. The big roof, open on all sides, provides a loose fit solution to accommodating a wide range of building material sizes as well as educational workshops for prototype re-assembly. The concertina form can be read as part of an integrated landscape strategy, channelling water and directing light. The whole scheme suggests a new kind of parkland.

Site location

Imogen Phillips

Courtyard View

Imogen Phillips

Proposed Site Plan

Imogen Phillips

Under the Roof

Imogen graduated with her Part 1 from the University of Edinburgh in 2020. As part of her integrated placement period, she worked at the Interior Architecture Company, Quadrant Design, which saw her gain a keen interest in the relationship between architecture and the human experience. Imogen’s dissertation on universal design and the accessibility of architecture to all humans regardless of race, gender and physical ability prompted her interest in ergonomics and the varied human response to built design.

Still focused on the human experience of design, Imogen has developed a strong interest in sustainable building practices to ensure we continue to live comfortably in the future. To support her masters studies, Imogen worked with a close-knit team at Zac Monro Architects on a range of residential projects.