Dissolving Boundaries

Helaena Blanch

Project description

Dissolving Boundaries looks to challenge the strict boundaries between people, nature and infrastructure, creating a multi-purpose park on available land south of William Girling Reservoir in the Lea Valley. It demonstrates how architects and designers can challenge the city’s relationship with its water infrastructure and propose new solutions that are sensitive to both man-made and natural ecologies.

This hidden territory of London’s water network will house a hotel and boathouse to connect people to a new hybrid environment, inviting local residents and visitors to more directly engage with this unique natural environment that lies at the edge of dense residential and light industrial neighbourhoods. 

This project combines solutions to infrastructural, ecological and social needs, for the aim of future proofing the city and promoting public wellbeing.

Site location
Lea Valley

Helaena Blanch

An Ever-changing Landscape

Helaena Blanch

Site Masterplan

Helaena Blanch

Reservoir Hotel Section

Helaena originally came from a background in interior architecture, however, after her year placement in New York, and working for retail detail agency Dalziel and Pow, she opted to pursue a career in architecture. Graduating from London Metropolitan University in 2020 with a first-class degree, Helaena worked for Benchmark Architects before and throughout her time at the LSA. 

Helaena has found her passion in exploring architecture’s role within the co-existence of people, nature, and water infrastructure in the city. She believes that as designers we have a responsibility to collaborate with other professions to overcome the rising challenges of the future.