Reclaiming the In-Between

Giorgia Maccini-Hill

Project description

Variety in land ownership in London is diminishing. Mono-ownership sites are being sold to large-scale developments that are designed with little meaningful public space.  A fragmented and piecemeal occupation of the city is what makes its texture, gives a sense of civic freedom and identity .  

Reclaiming the In-Between uses Section 106 policy as a tool to examine the conglomeration of large plots to unlock pockets of low-value sites that can be given back to the local councils to reinvigorate neighbourhoods. These spaces can be transformed into places designed for genuine public amenity such as a playground, a place to eat, an affordable co-working space.

The proposal creates a network of spaces with high social value, built on low-value land amongst hidden and anonymous buildings. It is a blueprint that can be applied to all new developments, ensuring every block and plot is as diverse as the community and city around them.

Site location
Tower Hamlets

Giorgia Maccini-Hill

Ground Floor Plan: A Network of Public Spaces

Giorgia Maccini-Hill

Land Ownership

Giorgia Maccini-Hill

Building into the Existing

Giorgia completed her undergraduate studies at the Welsh School of Architecture.  Over the past two years Giorgia has been working at Morris+Company where she has been developing her knowledge on the sustainability of architectural practice as part of the Environmental Team, an issue she is particularly concerned with. 

During her time at the LSA Giorgia has developed a strong interest in masterplanning, questioning adjacency and exploring what new modes of development could look like.  Her design interests are rooted in research, narrative, and experimentation.