Inhabiting Industriously

Eve Nixon

Project description

Could an industrial park be a liveable space for those seeking land to develop their own housing? Inhabiting Industriously looks at how we might shift the power balance in housing, taking back control through the vehicle of land access. 

To live industriously is to have power and control over the plot in which you inhabit. This is not currently present in our cities. This project gives two groups of resident self-builders ownership over a plot of land each to build their own dwellings, within a disused industrial building in Bow.

The materials used to construct the dwellings are sourced from local suppliers within the network of neighbouring industrial parks in the Lea Valley, setting up a reciprocal relationship between residential and industrial uses and users.

Site location

Eve Nixon
Eve Nixon
Eve Nixon

Eve’s work is rooted in a personal frustration with the way that our current housing system operates, and the types of housing young people are subjected to, rather than having any kind of choice over.

She volunteered on a self build construction site in Lewisham during the research for her project to understand the practicalities of getting a scheme like this off the ground, and looking at how different groups in London were attempting to do housing differently.

She is also motivated by how policy and architecture can interact, looking at how they might both influence each other – rather than just putting up with what already exists, pushing the boundaries of what could be possible.