The Grand Domestic

Elliott Wang

Project description

The Grand Domestic is a celebration of a new form of collective living, centred on the recognition of the value of reproductive labour within the home. The thesis challenges pre-conceptions of individualistic, supposedly efficient modes of housework which entrench gender inequalities in the home. Seemingly mundane tasks are given centre stage in this scheme and pay the rent.

Based on a nuanced version of a hotel-apartment, the majority of domestic labour processes are collectivised and venerated. Grand spaces are embellished with environmentally integral decorative detailing and new forms of collective, and playfully performative, household equipment that invert all preconceptions of domestic work. The private dwellings become reduced and refined, centred around a tenancy agreement which revalues the labour taking place. 

The project adapts the former Museum of London and Bastion House site with an architectural proposition that highlights the urgency and opportunities of reinvigorating at-threat city architecture, and provide new and provocative spaces for living.

Site location
City of London

Elliott Wang

The Lounge Room

Elliott Wang

Analogous Map - Exploring the Potential of Reproductive Labour

Elliott Wang

The Machine Hall

Elliott Wang

The Minimum Dwelling - Singular Cells

Elliott Wang

The Grand Domestic - View from London Wall

Whilst at the LSA, Elliott has developed a passion for the domestic condition. Throughout his design thinking he has explored existing standards, domestic boundaries and behaviours and the potential of collective living. This interest culminated in his thesis focusing on the value and potential of reproductive labour within a collective domestic sphere. 

Prior to the LSA, Elliott graduated from the Welsh School of Architecture in 2019 and went on to work at Walters and Cohen Architects and Studioshaw, working on a range of projects across education, housing and a range of competitions focused on inclusivity, adaptability and community.