Transformation Beyond Preservation

Dylan Hopwood

Project description

Transformation Beyond Preservation proposes an alternative route to the ongoing demolition of London council stock, responding to their immediate material and socioeconomic contexts. The consideration of nearby and remote ecosystems form the foundation of this approach: every demolished building, any items of waste and any displaced communities consequently affect current and future systems. 

The Aylesbury Estate – undergoing demolition and consequential displacement of its residences is the test bed for this exploration and offers a framework for future estate regeneration across London. 

Shifting the construction industry standard to one that understands and appreciates the life of a building as a feedback loop is one step towards understanding that architecture can no longer afford being simply neutral or less harmful. Projects must be resilient and adaptable to changing scenarios throughout their lifespans. 

Site location

Dylan Hopwood

Fragment in time

Dylan Hopwood

Retaining the block

Dylan Hopwood

Transitioning through repair

Dylan strongly advocates contemporary urban interventions which fosters resourceful cities, while conscientiously addressing architecture’s role in our lives through ecological, environmental and economical stewardship. Dylan’s work is a reflection of his values towards socially aware and sustainable practices of delivery. 

Early inspiration steamed from Dylan’s undergraduate education at the University of Brighton learning under Duncan Baker-Brown. Later working for Grimshaw Architects, he worked amongst the European Commission’s 2020 programme, CIRCuIT. This endeavour has allowed Dylan to obtain invaluable experience working and collaborating with multiple professionals amongst the industry in aiding research towards regenerative cities by implementing sustainable and circular construction practices.