Ingredients for Growth

Dev Navekar

Project description

Ingredients for Growth is a mixed-use masterplan strategy designed to transform Greater London’s common land situated between and adjacent to vast bodies of water, such as reservoirs. This visionary approach involves creating a harmonious blend of new farmland, residential areas, and educational spaces, reimagining and utilising the untapped potential of urban spaces.

The primary objective is to cultivate fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the year, ensuring local communities have access to nutritious, locally sourced food. By doing so, the project aims to enhance the community’s resilience in combating food insecurity and poverty.

This masterplan prototype is situated in the vibrant area of Blackhorse Lane in Waltham Forest. However, the broader vision looks to empower communities with knowledge and resources to cultivate their own healthy food. 

Site location
Waltham Forest

Dev Navekar

Site Axonometric

Dev Navekar

Perspective Axo of Growing and Education Space

Dev Navekar

Growing Space View

Dev Navekar

Interior Growing Space View

Dev Navekar

Ground Floor Plan

Dev is passionately dedicated to exploring themes of sustainable growth and the creation of morally responsible architecture, with the ultimate goal of enriching people’s lives. 

During his time at the LSA, Dev enhanced his skills by working at John McAslan + Partners, where he actively contributed to creating socially impactful projects. In his final year thesis, Dev delves into the innovative utilisation of shared land amidst bodies of water, seeking to address food insecurity and nourish a community in need. His ambitious research embodies his commitment to making a tangible difference in the world.