Losing the Plot

Declan Wain

Project description

Can we promote equitable and democratised development of our shared communities by fostering a fully inclusive participatory planning process that engages all? Within the context of a housing, land and carbon crisis, Losing the Plot proposes an alternative housing model for a site on the Kingsland Road in Hackney where the users and community are generators of the project. 

Through a change in land policy, engaging participatory toolkits and exploring hempcrete as a viable construction material, the residents/users take agency of the design, construction and maintenance of their dwellings. The role of the architect is revised as the shepherd of an environmental framework. 

The proposal aims to be a sustainable, replicable model that can be applied to a range of vacant sites across the city.

Site location

Declan Wain

Phasing through participatory toolkits

Declan Wain

Timber beacons of vacant site occupation forming the studwork for hempcrete casting

Declan Wain

Material workshop / maintenance space

Declan Wain

External courtyard: a community grown from seed developments

Declan Wain

1:5 hempcrete cassettes forming a patchwork of maintenance

Gaining his Part 1 degree from the University of Bath, Declan developed a strong passion for regenerative construction principles and material innovation, which greatly influenced the development of his thesis at the LSA. He is a strong advocate for pushing the boundaries of material innovation and exploring alternative construction materials.

During his time at the LSA, Declan gained valuable experience at AHMM, where he contributed to the Belgrove House project. Located at the heart of the Knowledge Quarter, it is located opposite Kings’ Cross and St Pancras stations. Belgrove House is a highlight sustainable and innovative office and laboratory building designed for the life sciences sector.