The Rise of the Micro-Developers

Daniel Njoku

Project description

The Rise of the Micro-Developers aims to empower a local diaspora of micro-developers in Seven Sisters, Tottenham to design and construct buildings that more explicitly reflect their cultural heritage. 

Using rapid construction technology, such as building-scale 3D printers, traditional regeneration processes are revolutionised to create a diverse range of culturally significant buildings. The technology streamlines the process of regeneration, allowing a more hands-on translation of diverse cultural inputs into the reshaping of the built environment to be more culturally significant, socially inclusive, and economically resilient.

Housing, market trading spaces, workshops, and education centres are designed to meet the needs of the current community in residence, whilst preserving local economy and traditions and anticipating the arrival of future communities. The process of design and build fosters inclusivity, community pride, and economic vitality, challenging the dominance of private developers. 

Site location

Daniel Njoku

Aerial Perspective Render of the Master Plan

Daniel Njoku

Site Plan of Master Plan

Daniel Njoku

Visual Looking out onto the 3D printing fabrication compound on site

Daniel is a passionate visionary in creative architecture design, fabrication/3D printing, and modern construction are his primary dedications towards innovation, He envisions groundbreaking solutions that blend form, function, and sustainability. Driven by a desire to empower under-represented communities, Daniel focuses on creating innovative spaces that meet unique needs. By integrating cutting-edge technology and community-centric design, he fosters inclusivity and social impact.

During his proto-practice year at Maccreanor Lavington, Daniel specialised in mixed tenure housing projects, crafting remarkable living spaces with meticulous attention to detail. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, Daniel looks to make his stamp on the future of architecture by pushing current technological boundaries.