The Dream Canteen

Clara Calladine

Project description

The Dream Canteen calls for a people-centric form of urban development by critically examining the effects of gentrification on London’s high streets. Through an exploration of the social, economic, and cultural dimensions of gentrification, the study sheds light on the difficulties confronted by local communities and businesses. The project emphasises the crucial role of community engagement in tackling this complex issue.

Located in the diverse neighbourhood of Hoxton in Hackney, the architectural proposal is for a new model of market and dining space that caters to all ethnic groups that live and work in the area.  A flexible space is designed to serve the whole community, focused on fostering a shared dining experience and celebrating different cultures. Community cooking facilities provide a platform for locals to both learn and showcase their culinary skills, also facilitating the growth of local businesses, creating a catalyst for economic empowerment. 

Site location

Clara Calladine

External View: Culinary Celebration in the Community

Clara Calladine

Internal View: Breaking Bread

Clara Calladine

Exploring the Interplay of Cooking, Dining, and Market Space

Clara Calladine

Ground Floor Plan on Market Day

Clara is an advocate for socially engaged working methods in design. She believes in embracing design as an opportunity for dialogue, exchange, and civic contribution. Clara’s work aims to support economic, cultural, educational, and social prosperity through thoughtful design interventions. 

She honed her skills and developed her love for drawing and collage as expressive architectural tools during her studies at Brighton University, where she was recognised as an RIBA Bronze Medal nominee. 

With experience at FaulknerBrowns and studio8FOLD, Clara has further enriched her understanding of impactful design. In addition, she has successfully established an illustration business, which has helped fund the design and build project of a women’s cafe in Urata, Fiji. Clara’s love for cooking and food also inspires her creative pursuits, adding an element of joy and communal connection to her work.