The Carbon Scales

Charlotte Harvey

Project description

The Carbon Scales investigates how current and emerging renewable energy sources and storage technologies can be applied to large-scale, low-carbon urban developments. Designed at the scale of the masterplan, this prototype located in north London on the Eley Industrial Estate at the junction of the boroughs of Enfield, Waltham Forest and Haringey, provides on-site education, residential and event spaces that all focus on building a green future. 

The project embraces power-generation technology in a mixed-use energy park for the surrounding communities to research, experience and study energy in a new landscape of varying terrains where technology meets nature. People can explore energy generation and storage at varying scales.The central distinctive feature is the Cathedral of Energy that houses a kinetic battery – its movements up and down in tune with the ebbs and flows of energy generated on site.

Site location

Charlotte Harvey

The Ethereal Tower Fades into the Clouds

Charlotte Harvey

The Energy Museum Glow exposing the intangible systems of energy

Charlotte Harvey

Perspective section depicting the kinetic battery glowing with the ebbs and flows of energy

With a long-standing interest in human’s symbiotic relationship with the planet, Charley is driven by balancing the impact on the natural world through decarbonisation and decentralisation. A key exploration is reuse and retrofit, aiming to create circular systems, minimising waste and retaining embodied carbon. 

Working within the sphere of large-scale masterplanning and cultural buildings, the aim is to reduce carbon in the buildings and spaces which have the most impact. If creating inspiring, low-carbon spaces for communities at this scale is possible, there is potential to incite widespread change and make way for a safer, more just world for future generations to thrive.