Layered: Correlation of Inside and Outside

Charles Isham

Project description

Layered: Correlation of Inside and Outside addresses the social and environmental issues of improving the quality of life for residents living in high-rise blocks in an age of climate emergency. This proposal considers upgrading the environmental performance of a 1960s council-owned tower on the Chalcots Estate, Camden and speculates on the spatial consequences of this kind of transformation. 

By rejecting typical, inflexible approaches to improving building fabric, layers of space, threshold and activity create a new thermal envelope which allows residents to have greater control over their environments, creating more comfortable living conditions, and reducing the energy demand on mechanical systems to regulate the internal environment. 

The tower block urgently needs fire and life safety improvements, highlighted by the Grenfell disaster. An important moment of reflection presents an opportunity to do more than just the necessary improvements, and offers new social opportunities for the tower’s inhabitants.

Site location

Charles Isham

Central street floor plan with overlay of space, threshold and activity to provide a new thermal envelope

Charles Isham

Inhabitation of living room to central street and communal area showing expression of the layering of space, threshold and activity

Charles Isham

Inhabitation of layered bedroom summer and winter

Charles Isham

Section through new infill and existing

Charles Isham

Exterior elevation from the south seeing the connection of old and new and how the layering for the new thermal envelope is achieve and inhabited

Charlie has an interest in the impact architecture has and continues to have on the environment and the need to improve the current housing stock. He has explored how this can be done not only through a technical lens, but how the technical resolution can provide social benefit and that there should not be a one size fits all attitude. 

His experience has focused mostly on existing council high rise residential buildings and would like to continue with this later through his career.