The Feel Good Factory

Cassius Cracknell

Project description

The pandemic raised greater awareness of the need for personal well-being. For those who work in the city, new possibilities about how and where people work have become available. Previous and current models of spaces of commerce are not fit for these new concerns so a new typology has emerged. 

The Feel Good Factory provides a space for more than just work, designed for a densely planned work and transport hub. It offers an experience that a vibrant city can provide through enabling social connections. 

The project is designed to intervene in the commercial office development at Broadgate around Liverpool Street Station and inject it with more public life and maximise opportunities for interactions. Provocative spaces such as the roof-top running track – create destinations of interest, and new social spaces for large social gatherings  integrate the development into the wider urban fabric to allow people to freely inhabit this area of the City anew. 

Site location

Cassius Cracknell

Proposed section

Cassius is interested in city creation and planning specific to commercial architecture, an area often overlooked by architecture schools but which makes up many of the jobs in practice. 

Influenced heavily by Jan Gehl and Jane Jacobs, Cassius is interested in how the human scale is often missed or forgotten on large scale city planning and developments. His thesis project looks to directly address his ideas of city planning by reimagining the Broadgate estate in London as an open campus, which not only allows but encourages spatial appropriation, something currently discouraged by many soulless mono-cultured city districts around the world.