The Worker’s Institute of Technology

Cameron McKay

Project description

The Worker’s Institute of Technology is a project that looks to address the widening skills gap in technical education in the UK. It proposes to nurture technical education through the unionisation of work. The skills gap will be used to create powerful unions of hard-to-replace workers. 

The central thesis is explored through two tessellating tapestries – a medium of visual notetaking and creating spaces from research – weaving together contrasting concepts into one continuous landscape.

The space of the new institute extends the existing London City Institute of Technology into an adjacent multi-storey car park to create grand manufacturing halls. The spaces are designed to encourage the growth of unions, whilst also representing the change in power structure towards a more democratic institute. 

Vast shop floors celebrate the quality and recognition of technical work, while varying scales of privacy, scale and formality are arranged to privilege the workers over the management.

Site location
Tower Hamlets

Cameron McKay

A repeating tapestry cityscape exploring the mediation of power in architecture and means of building and representing worker power within architecture

Cameron McKay

Short Section

Cameron McKay

A collaged view from the worker canteen, a point of informal mass gathering

Cameron graduated from the University of  Westminster’s BA Architecture program in 2019 and prior to studying at the LSA worked and currently works at Charlton Brown Architects. 

He has a passion for horror and an extensive knowledge of the genre in both film and video game format.