Ethical and Equitable Supermarket

Aldrin Allan Mallari

Project description

The Ethical and Equitable Supermarket sets out to challenge the prevailing unethical and inequitable space of  the supermarket in an urban context: a space of commerce that prioritises profit and efficiency over people and climate. 

Sprawling retail spaces and extensive car parks are a key design feature of the supermarket. The emphasis on car use contributes to excessive carbon emissions from both production and consumption processes. The car park restricts any socially beneficial functions. The supermarket’s economic successes are predicated on exploitative labour practices, unethical working conditions and labour exploitation within supply chains. 

The project critically examines this typology and proposes alternative design strategies. A new arcade or bazaar runs between to existing supermarket sheds, offering new opportunities for learning, making and selling. The proposed spatial and economic model advocates for sustainable supply chains that prioritise ethical labour practices to improve the working conditions of employees – minimising environmental impact and maximising potential social benefit.

Aldrin Allan Mallari
Aldrin Allan Mallari
Aldrin Allan Mallari

Personal biography

After graduating from Kingston University, Aldrin’s collaboration on a feasibility study for an extension plan ignited his interest in cultural and political architecture for community benefit. 

In his first year at the LSA, he worked with RCKa’s Design Think Tank focused on wellbeing, deepening his understanding of inclusive and sustainable design. Developing this interest, Aldrin is dedicated to creating ethical and equitable architectural solutions that serve the community and promote ethical and equitable architecture.