The Oasis

Aishwarya Vipin

Project description

A new model of care is needed. We must focus on prevention rather than cure. There must be a progressive shift in resources away from acute hospitals and towards providing integrated care within the community. 

NHS bodies are beginning to embrace social prescribing as a part of supporting people’s health and well-being. Areas of London such as Bromley-by-Bow are already adopting this concept.

The Oasis is a new initiative in this area of London that aims to repurpose an existing warehouse into a therapy centre with social prescribing activities. The project addresses the growing demand for accessible and holistic mental health services while promoting community well-being. 

By designing a therapeutic environment and integrating social prescribing programmes, The Oasis aims to enhance mental health services, foster community engagement, reduce social stigma and improve accessibility – revitalising an underutilised space and supporting a healthier, more resilient community.

Site location

Aishwarya Vipin

Ground Floor Plan

Aishwarya Vipin


Aishwarya Vipin

A flexible and private environment for group therapy sessions

Aishwarya Vipin

A pleasant environment for swimming and relaxation

Aishwarya Vipin

Internal gardens

Personal biography

Aishwarya (Ash) is a passionate student and designer who completed her undergraduate studies at Kingston University, London. While at the LSA, she had the opportunity to work at Groupwork and was part of the First Year Design Think Tank (DTT) focused on rewilding. This experience sparked her interest in addressing social and environmental challenges through design. 

With a background in residential and interior design, community renewable projects, and refurbishments, Aishwarya brings a diverse skill set to her work. She is committed to creating a more sustainable built environment and revitalising outdated spaces. 

Outside of architecture, she founded a jewellery company and finds inspiration in nature and her travels. Aishwarya enjoys painting, cooking, and practising yoga in her spare time, reflecting her holistic approach to creativity.