Sam Butler

Project description
The recent pandemic has demonstrated how disconnected, unstable and incredibly wasteful our existing workplaces are. It has, however, provided a moment in time for us to question what the future workplace will be, how we use it and its relationship to the city – three questions closely related to environmental and social issues.

Work(Place) aims to proactively repurpose an existing office building, blurring the boundaries between city and building by improving permeability through inviting the city into the building and the office out into the city. This idea forms the basis for the new office model, which sees the boundaries between small-scale organisation and large being blurred, all working together to create a place that promotes knowledge sharing and freedom of work. The new proposal seeks to demonstrate that there is not a need for more, but rather less, just more intelligently and intensively used.

Site location
200 Aldersgate Street, City of London