Social Subliminal
An Antidote to Isolation

Ryan Hart

Project description
As designers for a social species, there is a responsibility for architects to reflect the human lust for connectedness in the way that we choose to shape our built environment. With loneliness an exponentially growing public health issue, there is no better time to begin addressing this with creative solutions to the existing platonic typologies of our homes and cities.

This project therefore aims to alleviate the harmful effects of loneliness and social isolation through the injection of an intergenerational co-housing scheme onto an existing urban leisure centre, promoting symbiosis and dependency and challenging the perceived boundaries that exist between our homes and the city. By taking precedence from traditional co-housing schemes and rethinking the generous shared spaces that exist within them, this neighbourhood-scaled development showcases the opportunity embedded in cross-contamination of architectural programme (civic and residential) and generational relationships (young and old).

Site location
King’s Hall Leisure Centre, Lower Clapton, Hackney