Knead Space

Nina Watts

Project description
Knead Space is a community and cultural centre in East London, centred around the production, consumption and waste of food in the urban realm. Focusing on one of the UK’s largest food sectors, bread, the proposal is to establish a local community bakery, as part of a wider food network.

Modern cities are dependent on unsustainable food networks. With the rise of supermarkets and the Chorleywood baking method in the 20th century, bread is a key example of food that has become unhealthy, mass produced and delocalised. The urban result of this is people have become disconnected from how and where their bread is made.

In order to reconnect to our food and environment, the objective of this project is to educate and make visible the process of making food, from ingredients to consumption; to make healthy good food locally and unexclusively accessible; to make food production local and circular; and to provide education and employment opportunities. This will be situated in Haggerston Baths, an existing disused Grade II-listed building that is deemed ‘At Risk’.

Site location
Haggerston Baths, Hackney


Nina Watts
Nina Watts