Arrival Space

Jonathan Boon

Project description
Arrival Space seeks to find a solution to sustainably integrating asylum seekers from a diverse range of backgrounds into the hearts of our communities. The project seeks to tackle the stigma surrounding asylum seekers created by existing government policies, which use the topic as a political tactic.

The project proposes a combination of three equally important programmes which form the framework for the successful integration of asylum seekers: a childcare centre for the children of asylum seekers and native children; adaptable housing; and a community kitchen combine to tackle many of the barriers asylum seekers face today.

Arrival Space encourages the treatment of every asylum seeker as a valued member of society, showing they have much to offer to our communities. This is done through food – the cooking and sharing of which transcends language and cultural barriers, and celebrates one’s background.

Site location
Queens Road, Peckham, Southwark