Jack McGuinness

Project description
How can the supermarket become interesting to people who don’t care about what they eat?

This project re-imagines the role of the supermarket in society, re-establishing it as a rich community asset. By challenging the role of conventional supermarkets and the effect that they have on the health and wellbeing of communities, The Supermarket is a place where food becomes exciting, where food becomes education, and a place in which one’s experience of the supermarket is driven not by promotions and convenience, but by experience.

Through transformative / hybrid spaces and modular components, The Supermarket can transition between grocery spaces and event spaces, integrating food with cultural and social practices, and bringing further meaning to the supermarket. Filling this desired space with healthy and unprocessed foods, combined with educational demonstrations around food, will improve consumer eating behaviours over time.

Architecture cannot change what people eat, but it can change where people buy their food.

Site location
Wallis Road, Hackney Wick