Design Think Tanks

Our Design Think Tanks (DTT) bring together first-year students with practices from our Practice Network to generate creative design propositions informed by rigorous analytical research aimed at solving real-world problems in London.

Each year the LSA selects a shortlist of DTT topics to be studied from a list of suggestions made by the Practice Network. The study topics suggested are ones that require urgent consideration, innovative thinking and design solutions that will generate significant social and environmental progress and beneficial urban change.

The research undertaken by this year’s DTT teams has manifested as a series of in-depth reports and films, the latter of which are shown here.


A Comfortable Home

Students: Daniel Njoku, Elliott Wang, Funmi Adebiyi, George Kelly, Imogen Phillips, James Mearns
Leader: Maccreanor Lavington


Future of Urban Travel

Students: Charlie Spall, Eleanor Washington, Fabrica Rutikanga, Giorgia Maccini-Hill, Karol Grzeskowiak
Leader:  Weston Williamson + Partners


Phygital City: The Press Pause Project

Students: Janusz Ferenc, Taylor Gittens, Moia McErlean, Dev Navekar, Shreenidhi Srinath
Leader: Penoyre Prasad


Excavating the City

Students: Beth Allen, Irgel Enkhsaikhan, Eleanor Harding, Stephen Johnson, Sarena Shah, Manon Vilagines
Leader: Ash Sakula Architects


Space of the Street: An Urban Renaissance in Poplar

Students: Adrian Moussaid, Lucy Beech, Moyagh Gallagher, Sarah Mansour, Vanessa Salambassi, Zafir Ameen
Leader: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners


Creative Blocks: Challenging Modularity with Meaningful Placemaking

Students: Charlie Isham, Declan Wain, Isobel Parnell, Jerry Florez, Luke Taylor, Marta de la Morena Papiani, Semi Han
Leaders: Studio Egret West; Wimshurst Pelleriti


Eco-City-System: Future-Fitting Urban Habitats

Students: Aishwarya Vipin, Charley Harvey, Deniz Uyanik, James Anderson, Mair Evans, Teresa Warner
Leaders: Bell Phillips Architects;


Beyond Housing: The Architecture of Wellbeing

Students: Aldrin Mallari, Clara Calladine, Emily Brown, Eve Nixon, Theodore James, Timothy Howitt
Leader: RCKa


Making Good

Students: Alexander Berger-Sandhofer, Adam Connolly, Hannah Millar, Karla Bonner, Simeon Scott, Zuzanna Grodzka
Leaders: Orms; dMFK


Water Agora


Students: Helaena Blanch, Cassius Cracknell, Dara Edmondson, Dylan Hopwood, Bryony Johnson, Hattie Orr
Leader: IDOM


Life and Death in the Shared City

Students: Natalia Bieszke, Malcolm Ebose, Regen-James Gregg, Cameron McKay, Eugene Sinclair
Leaders: Allies and Morrison; Erect Architecture