Social Celebration

Carlos M C Pereira

Project description
Social Celebration aims to unite two very different demographics of people, the Bangladeshi community and the young creative ‘hipsters’, by celebrating their cultures and creating shared spaces where the two can come together to collaborate and grow as one local community.

The Truman Brewery site has the potential to be a catalyst for this change in the city. Sitting at the heart of Brick Lane, it is crucial that it positively responds to the social cleansing crisis at hand and doesn’t in turn contribute to it.

All architecture must have one core driver for all design decisions: the people who will experience it!

Social Celebration becomes a space where the creativity and self expression of the local community is brought to light and exhibited for all to enjoy. A true space for all, creating architecture that celebrates cultural richness and history rather than bulldozing it.

A Place to Gather

A Place to Create

A Place to Perform

A Place to Protest

A Place to Live

A Place for All

Site location
Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, Tower Hamlets




Carlos M C Pereira