The Transient Housing Co.

Ben Griffiths

Project description
This project looks to repurpose land that has remained vacant, and provide genuinely affordable, rented accommodation to young adults in London.

Working in partnership with the GLA and landowner, timelines and parameters for development can be agreed. Using Section 106 payments to fund the scheme, the programme provides benefits to all: value is added to the land, whilst important communal uses can be realised.

Using timber foundations that sit primarily above ground, a modular glu-laminated / cross laminated structure is erected quickly, and at low cost. The structural grid can be replicated on other sites, and the tectonic allows for the development to be easily deconstructed and rebuilt elsewhere.

Residential units all follow the same modular build-up, but differ in layout to provide private balconies, ‘defensible’ space, and deck access. Communal uses are scattered across the site, in the form of rooftop terraces, meanwhile uses, and a central courtyard.

Site location
Haggerston, Hackney