Queering the Decolonial City

Aarandeep Sian

Project description
Queering the Decolonial City looks at spatial design and city-making through the lens of Queer and Trans People of Colour (QTPOC). It explores developing new typologies of space and infrastructure based on a queered and trans-ed ways of claiming, using and programming space; underpinned by the (trans)formation of the queer and trans body.

Central to the project – which is based on resource exchange, mutual aid, expression and identity – is a typological invention of a collective closet. The closet becomes a space of exchange between the built environment and the QTPOC community. A space of safety, expression and controlled visibility. The project looks at the communal closet on different scales and levels of temperance and permanence, open and closed as well as a temporality of programmes and uses: facilitating events, transformations of the body, as well as the city and the spaces within it.

Site location
Hackney Town Hall and Florefield Road