Piotr Kruk: Rituals of Upcycling


An alternative infrastructure for processing waste engages the public in upcycling

Goal & objective
To propose an alternative infrastructure for processing waste which engages the public in the process of upcycling to achieve a zero waste society. 

Using gap sites and underused plots, a decentralised network of upcycling facilities, operating at the small, medium and large scale, retain and release waste back into the city with restored value. 

The architecture is composed of existing construction waste which becomes the symbol and language for our new social ritual of collective upcycling and responsible relationship to material resources. 

Site location
Morning Ln (Cathedral)
Mare St (Temple)
Claremont Rd (Shrine) 

in the London Borough of Hackney 

Project size
Cathedral: 8,700 sqm
Temple: 1,109 sqm
Shrine: 91 sqm 

North London Waste Authority