Matthew Knivett: Connected Construction


A pivotal hub to engage people in the way items are made and produced in London’s construction sector

Goal & objective
The objective of the project is to engage people in the way items are made and produced. Enabling a better understanding of the ethics behind people’s consumption. Addressing the divide between labourer, designer and user. Focusing on the construction sector as a specific craft.

This will be achieved through the creation of an institute of construction, providing spaces for training and innovation. Creating affordable spaces for trades to pursue research and development while training the newest generation for the industry. The building will aim to engage the public with the activities within, drawing people in and celebrating the industry.

The institute will be the centre for the Mayor’s Construction Academy, linking all the hubs across the London boroughs. Nurturing new digital skills and enabling qualifications needed to access employment prospects within future regeneration projects in the Lea Valley. Helping to bridge the gap between higher education research into modern methods of construction and the uptake within existing construction trade businesses. Promoting greater efficiency and a more sustainable practice within the industry.

Site location
Chapman Road, Hackney Wick, London Borough of Hackney, E9 5DW

Project size
4,450 sqm

Mayor’s Construction Academy, Hackney Council, Go Construct