Luke Upton: Cultivation | Congregation


Repositioning the parish church at the centre of local community through an engagement with food

Goal & objective
Repositioning the parish church at the centre of local community through an engagement with the rituals and process of food production, processing, and consumption and ideals of food sovereignty.

Establishing a local food hub, the Hackney Food Exchange, as part of a wider parish, city and regional food network with a dedicated programme of educational and community-focused activities and spaces woven through the church and associated CoE primary school, re-engaging the church with its immediate context and diverse local communities.

A model for the activation and re-engagement of the church building as welcoming community space addressing social issues including isolation, mental and physical wellbeing, and healthy eating. The project is part of a wider drive towards sustainable and resilient urban food production and biodiverse urban ecosystems.

Site location
St Matthias Church, Stoke Newington, London Borough of Hackney, N16 8DD

Project size
8,714 sqm

Hackney Food Exchange (Growing Communities, SMSN PCC, Hackney Council)