Lucia Toribio: The Glorious Past


A proposal to allow older people to age actively, with dignity and integrated into society

Goal & objective
A new architectural movement that plays a role in the inevitable phenomenon that is ageing. Allowing older people  to age actively, with dignity and integrated into society.

The historical gasholder structures will support a shelf that will create a microclimate allowing older people to live in a less hostile environment. To maximise public space and manifest the presence of the gasholders, the circular historical shapes are sunk underground and used to afford courtyards for the underground buildings. This way, the entire site will become a public space allowing the interaction to integrate the older people into society.

This project proves that our old and now obsolete architecture still has more to offer to our society. The adaptations will allow older people to continue living enriched lives.

Site location
Bethnal Green gasholders, London

Project size
16,585 sqm

Older people who may have motor impairments, and need medical security, but still want to participate in society.

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