David Janosi: Bunch Branch Brunch


To live in harmony and sustainably with our planet and each other, we must realise the interconnected nature of our world

Goal & objective
Bunch Branch Brunch is a rethinking of the current school model and typology, concentrating on creativity, collaboration and communication. Through modest, yet radical steps it challenges the boundaries of the school and provides learning environments for all people in Dalston.

Bunch Branch Brunch connects Ridley Road with Kingsland High Street, forming a village within the town, creating a school that becomes the centre of the local community. Learning in a classroom, learning through play or through creation, or simply just getting to know each other over a delicious brunch, are equally important moments of interaction and education. Each space carefully balances the dichotomies of public and private, inside and outside, challenging and secure, organised into clusters.

Bunch Branch Brunch is a place where seeds of knowledge can be nurtured and branch into new ideas, new connections; a nodal point, providing private, public and shared spaces to promote interaction, mutualism and co-education.

Site location
Kingsland High Street – Birkbeck Road – Ridley Road, Dalston

Project size
4,760 sqm

Department for Education (in collaboration with Hackney Council)