Cora McLean: Inside Out


Inside Out aims to establish unique spatial conditions that encourage human interaction and introspection

Goal & objective
To establish unique spatial conditions that purposefully encourage human interaction and introspection. A process of addition, subtraction and displacement is used to create space for community-focused mental health services and consequently prioritise holistic methods of mental health care.

The new additions are a series of precast extruded arches that extend and highlight the existing fabric. They are broken, punctured and intersected to create a dialogue between inside and outside space and consequently open the building to the public.

The proposal supports and enhances existing community services in Hackney to increase London’s social prescribing provision. Simultaneously, it makes a publicly welcoming and relaxing space that engages wider society such that mental health care can be positioned as a preventative rather than a reactive treatment.

Site location
Morning Lane, Hackney Central

Bromley By Bow Group