Aanisah Chowdhury: Haberdasher Nation


The lobby to the city creates relationships between social housing tenants and the wider city through nature

Goal & objective
To create a holistic way of living with nature, building sustainable communities through a collective landscape. To improve the future of existing postwar social housing estates and the wellbeing of residents by integrating the estates back into the fabric of the city. To increase access to nature in the inner-city neighbourhoods and estates through the medium of gardening and opening the estate up to the city 

Gardening, business and estate are the strategic elements to achieve the higher goal. Proposing a self-sustaining system of growing and selling for the residents  for gardening, garden education and following a business model for the estate to create revenue using a business model for a successful public space.

Good health and wellbeing – bringing humans closer to nature for health benefits and sustainable food resources. Decent work and economic growth – encouraging the estate to be self-sufficient, improving the existing condition and inserting programmes of education to aid the ambitions. Sustainable cities and communities – connecting and preserving  communities, rejecting gentrification.

Site location
Haberdasher Estate, London Borough of Hackney

Project size
3,340 sqm 

Hackney Council