Radical educators


In each issue of Citizen we interview a host of game-changers: those who are a catalyst for progressive change in their field, those who are redefining industries and those who are bringing others into it who didn’t even know it existed. Given this issue’s topic of education, we have profiled movers and shakers (see below) who are disrupting the pedagogic profession and acting as a definitive force for good.

Beyond asking those profiled how and why, one of the key questions we ask is how success is measured. How achievement is defined is speculative, yet it is crucial to understanding what makes any endeavour worthwhile.

Education, and our access to it, is ever widening. The internet’s rapid expansion over the past decade has enabled more people to access education than ever before. But this also has its pitfalls. We live in a time of information overload so who we learn from and how, matters.

Profiled in this issue are not just schools of architecture, but people and organisations contributing to the entire sphere of education pertaining to the world around us. By shedding light on their efforts, we hope to inspire the next generation of educators and to also, most pertinently, highlight our shared agenda: making a better world, something which can only be a collaborative effort.

Radical educators

In this issue of Citizen, we talked to Neil Pinder of the Graveney School; Mike Emmerik of The Independent School for the City;  Venetia Wolfenden of Urban Learners; Finn Williams of Public Practice; Regina Loukotová of ARCHIP; and Euan Blair of Multiverse.

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