Priya Nahal: Barking road shelter


Providing solace for victims of domestic violence

Barking Road, East Ham, Newham


To promote and develop the rights of and resources for women and girls in East Ham as well as provide a space of empowerment for women to enable them to regain their integrity and self-worth.

Gender inequality and discrimination still continues today in a world where women’s visibility is questioned and domestic violence persists. Whether this is in the professional world, the home, or in our environments, women are objected to some form of discrimination throughout their lifetime.

The project is an expansion on the current shelter organisation in Newham, ‘The London Black Women’s Project’ for minority ethnic groups and refugee women subjected to domestic violence. The shelter will allow women to enter a sensory environment that taps into the subconscious mind. A series of intimate courtyard spaces encourage women to engage in different inclusive activities and social interactions. The shelter is accessible to locals and filled with resources. It is visible within its context while also able to offer privacy and security achieved through multiple entrances.

To transform the outlook of oppressed women and provide them with the tools, education, and emotional support required to get them to become independent contributing members of society.