Nancy Jackson: The conscious homes of East Haringey


Consciousness: the state of being aware of and responsive to one’s surroundings

White Hart Lane, East Haringey, London Borough of Haringey

Families demonstrate awareness of construction and material behaviour, their homes actively respond to their changing requirements.

Many new build homes across London are unaffordable, physically isolating, inflexible and materially dishonest. For young families, they fail to provide a true sense of home for children, or the space for a family to settle and evolve.

Grow, creating trailing streets, shifting in form and figuration, aiding gatherings and encouraging play. A hemp crop accompanies the homes on a roof-top park and is celebrated through the use of plant based building materials.  A primary timber structure facilitates growth and alteration to dwellings, also allowing underused space to be returned to the community for play and gatherings.

The combined effect is a conscious neighbourhood, where residents are aware of and responsive to their surroundings, and where architecture is aware of and responsive to the families living within. The homes celebrate belonging and are an expression of identity in a considered, playful way.