Katja Hasenauer: London City Park


Estuary in an airport

The Royal Docks in Newham, London

The project proposes closing London City Airport to create a large-scale tidal wetland in the Royal Docks in Newham.

The project proposes closing London City Airport as it:

  • Adds to air pollution
  • Impacts wildlife and contributes to the biodiversity crisis
  • Restricts building heights and contributes to the housing crisis
  • Employs relatively few

The project will instead:

  • Reduce pollution by closing the airport and create a green filter for contaminants in stormwater runoff
  • Increase biodiversity and access to nature by creating large-scale wetlands
  • Create a flooding zone, reducing London’s reliance on the Thames Barrier
  • Increase housing supply, while restoring humankind’s relationship with nature by building in the park
  • Use thatch to create a closed-loop, regenerative relationship between the landscape and architecture


London City ParkThis scheme marks a step towards a more sustainable future for both people and the planet, by integrating 21st Century urban living with an enhanced connection to nature.